If you or your builder has chosen Kirkwood Electric, Inc. as your electrical contractor we would be proud to offer you our “Original Owners Special Lifetime Warranty”. This warranty applies to all electrical work, materials and fixtures provided by Kirkwood Electric for as long as you, the original owner own your home.

This warranty does not cover acts of nature, services and equipment by other companies, misuse, vandalism or just normal maintenance items such as light bulbs, ballasts, etc.

The Kirkwood Electric Code of Excellence provides you with quality and service that is second to none. We want you, as the new homeowner to know that we will provide quality, timely service to maintain your home even after we have finished the original electrical work.

We at Kirkwood Electric take a sincere interest in your lifetime electrical needs, that’s why we are proud to offer you this warranty.

For more information about our “Original Owners Special Lifetime Warranty”, please call our representative at (239) 574-3449 or fill out our Contact Us form.