Mission Statement:

“To do more than is expected for client, project and community.”



Kirkwood Electric exists to provide our customers with the best service while producing the highest quality electrical installation possible. We deliver a level of service unparalleled in the industry. We provide the measure of customer satisfaction that builds lasting relationships with our clients. For us, exceeding customer expectations is more than a goal or philosophy, it is our daily way of life.

Our organizational philosophy is to match responsibility, authority and accountability. Each position within the company structure has well-defined duties with agreed-upon and measurable objectives. The employee assigned to a position is vested with sufficient authority to perform his responsibilities and achieve the objectives.


• To give our customers the best value for their money and satisfy their needs.

• To cultivate new customers by establishing a reputation for honesty and integrity.

• To recruit, develop and train a strong, knowledgeable employee base.

• To promote from within.

• To encourage innovation and creativity in the electrical construction industry.

• To create teamwork by treating all members of the company with the greatest personal respect under all circumstances.

• To keep the company closely held.

• To operate at a profit.