When the Kirkwood Electric service vehicle arrives at your home it is fully stocked and ready for all your electrical service needs. Your Kirkwood Electric service technician is trained and prepared to provide prompt, efficient and courteous service. Most service technicians have been with Kirkwood Electric for over 5 years, and a full third have been with the company for 10+ years. Additionally, Kirkwood Electric’s Management Team has been with the company 15-20+ years.

Commercial – Residential – Service – Aerial – Marine

“Johnny-On-The-Spot” and “The Can-Do Company” are phrases that Kirkwood Electric have been given by its customers and contractors. “Many customers are simply amazed that we’re always on time,” says Wayne. “Our people are true professionals. They respect our customers and their property. Smoking, eating and beverages are not allowed on the job. Care is taken to keep things safe and clean. Our training is constant and dynamic. Each service technician is experienced and qualified to handle virtually any electrical job. We like to say, “whatever the job-big or small-we can do it all”. I’m very proud of our people’s professionalism. We have a 4-generation tradition of quality at Kirkwood Electric, and we all work very hard to maintain it.”

Home Technologies

Building on its unmatched reputation in the new-construction industry, Kirkwood implemented its new Home Technologies Division in April 2003. This division will allow Kirkwood to fulfill the always-growing need for quality design, installation and service of low-voltage systems in Southwest Florida’s new construction industry.

In today’s new homes, systems are becoming more and more complex and integrated. It takes a tremendous level of knowledge, experience and commitment to ongoing education to stay on top of the always-changing world of low-voltage products and systems. Kirkwood’s impressive staff possesses the experience to provide continuous education and high-quality service to its partners in construction.

Kirkwood’s Home Technologies Division provides high-quality design and installation services for structured wire systems, security systems, audio-video systems, intercoms, central vacuums, lighting control, home automation systems and many other low-voltage products and systems. From basic security systems to the most intricate automated homes, Kirkwood can handle any size system in any size home with the quality and professionalism which has come to be expected from Kirkwood Electric.